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Mac GNU Go

The latest version 3.2.3
Kind of the program Application
Development environment Power Macintosh G3 DT266 Mac OS J1-9.0.4
CodeWarrior 6.0J (IDE 4.1J)
Probably can be used on Power Macintosh MacOS 7.6 and later
Code Native PPC

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Mac GNU Go3.2 is freeware.
This is baed on "GNU Go 3.2".
You can play "Go game" on the board of the size of 9-ro, 13-ro, 19-ro.


2002.10.14 Ver 3.2.0 First Release
2002.10.15 Ver 3.2.1 Handicap & Strength setting support.
Japanese version Release.
2003.2.7 Ver 3.2.2 SGFtree initialize BUG is fixed.
Additional feature:
1. Edit mode
2. Continue from SGF file.
2003.2.15 Ver 3.2.3 "Back" command's BUG is fixed.
Setting dialog box is changed.
The previous komi setting is kept for each bord size.

Copyright Notice

Mac GNU Go3.2 include GNU Go-3.2 thinking engene.
Mac GNU Go and GNU Go-3.2 are under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
See "http://www.gnu.org/software/gnugo/gnugo.html"

Mac GNU Go: (C) Future on u-netsurf.
GNU Go: Copyright (C) 1998 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

(C)2002, 2003 Future on u-netsurf ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.