Dear admirers of guitar


My name is Toshiaki Nomura.

I ‘m a teacher of every kind of guitar, and professional guitarist with classical guitar .

I have many Japanese students in my school,but no foreigners.

I believe that there must be many foreign people who want to study

how to play guitar or improve their skill in Japan,

but they had no chance until now because of few teacher

who had intent to teach to foreigners.

So I want to teach guitar for foreigners and be a good friend through guitar.


My school is in my apartment in Aoba ward of Yokohama city,

and near Azamino station of Tokyu Denentoshi line (please see below map ) .


Monthly fee is 9000 yen and fix ,

it’s very reasonable in Japan. And then you need pay 5000 yen as entrance fee.

Lesson is 4 times a month (differ with each month) ,

and 30 minutes by one to one.

Shall we decide the lesson day of the week when we meet at first.

Basically the day is fix, but it’s able to change the day to another day

if you inform me in advanceand there is no reservation.


Unfortunately I can’t speak other language except Japanese well.

But I have some students can speak English.

So I think let them attend on your lessen if it’s available time for them.


If you have interest, please call me.

Telephone number is 045-902-2537. Email address is
t_nomura@dp.u-netsurf.ne.jp .


I hope to meet you sincerely.