D-STAR Activities by RLL


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Connection of Node-Adapter and SAAP

  1. Study on D-STAR' Hot-Spot with openSPOT and ID-31 D-STAR Tranceiver [openSPOTとID-31無線機とによるD-STARホットスポットの実験,XML file] Revised 13 October 2017
  2. Tablet PC for Amateur Radio [アマチュア無線へのタブレットPCの応用例,XML file] Revised 08 December 2016
  3. Japan D-STAR Group(日本D-STAR愛好会,XMLfile)Revised 11 February 2013
  4. Node Adapter for D-STAR/DV with Windows 7-64 and FT-897D (Windows7(64)とFT-897DとによるD-STARノードアダプター構築,XMLfile)Revised 12 Feburuary 2014
  5. Web Server for D-STAR/DD with Windows8.1 and Apache(Windows8.1とApacheとによる D-STAR網Webサーバ構築,XMLfile)Revised 22 March 2015
  6. GPS Adapter using GMS6-CR6 (GMS6-CR6を使用したGPS付加装置の自作,XMLfile)Revised 18 November 2016
  7. D-STAR_Homebew_GPS_Using_GT-720F/GT-723F (D-STAR GPSアダプタの製作,XMLfile)Revised 16 November 2016
  8. D-STAR (D-STAR チャット実験,XMLfile)Revised 25 August 2011
  9. D-STAR_D-PRS I-gate Experiments(D-STAR D-PRS I-gate実験,XMLfile)Revised 23 June 2017
  10. D-STAR_APRS (DPRS) Experiments(D-STAR APRS実験への参加,XMLfile)Revised 21 April 2009
  11. Worldwide D-STAR Repeaters List for ID-91(世界のD-STARレピータのID-91向けデータ,XMLfile)Revised 19 October 2008
  12. Homebrew a Power Supply for ICOM ID-91 Transverter(ID-91トランスバータ用電源装置の製作,XMLfile)Revised 16 May 2007
  13. Installation of routers for D-STAR(D-STAR機への経路器の設営,XMLfile)Revised 12 Sep. 2013
  14. Software D-Star Radio using DV-Dongle(Dongle利用D-STARソフトウェアラジオ,XMLfile)Revised 5 July 2018
  15. Control Program for D-Star DV adapter(D-STAR DV附属装置の制御プログラム,XMLfile)Revised 16 Jun. 2008
  16. D-Star using FT817, FT897 or FT100(Yaesu FT817nd,FT897又はFT100をD-STAR機に改造,XMLfile)Revised 4 Jan. 2008
  17. Experiments of D-STAR(D-STAR実験への参加,XMLfile)Revised 20 Aug. 2008
  18. Back to Amateur Radio Activities by RLL(RLLのアマチュア無線活動に戻る)
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