Microwave Activities by RLL


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Photograph of 5600MHz Dish Antenna

  1. Installation of Antenna Rotators(SHFアンテナロテータの設営,XMLfile)Revised 17 Nov.2004
  2. Installation of PLL in a 10GHz Transverter(10GHzトランスバータのPLL化,XMLfile)Revised 4 September 2006
  3. Homebrew 10GHz QRPp Transverter (10GHz QRPpトランスバータの製作,XMLfile)Revised 23 Feb. 2006
  4. Repair of 10GHz Transverter (10GHz トランスバータの修理,XMLfile)Revised 7 Feb.2004
  5. Homebrew 47GHz Spectrum Analyzer(47GHz 簡易周波数分析器の製作,XMLfile)Revised 18 Apr.2004
  6. Homebrew 10GHz Prescaler (10GHz用 分周器の製作,XMLfile)Revised 1 Nov.2003
  7. Homebrew Microwave Power Meter (マイクロウエーブ検出器の製作,XMLfile)Revised 15 Mar.2004
  8. Study on 10.1GHz OFDM Amateur Wireless LAN(10.1GHz OFDM 無線LANの実験,XMLfile)Revised 18 Apr. 2004
  9. Helicoid Antenna for 10GHz(10GHzヘリカルアンテナの製作,XMLfile) Revised 22 May 2003
  10. Waterproof of 10GHz Transverter(10GHzトランスバータの防水,XMLfile) Revised 9 May 2003
  11. YIG Tuned Filter(YIG Filterの製作,XMLfile) Revised 18 Apr. 2004
  12. Waterproof of Transverter(5600MHzトランスバータの防水,XMLfile) Revised 19 Apr. 2002
  13. Improvement of Immunity against UHF42 channel(UHF TV 42チャネル波による混変調対策,XMLfile) Revised 2 Jul. 2003
  14. Addition of 10.1GHz antenna into 5.6GHz Horn(5.6GHz放射器への10.1GHz放射器の取り付け,XMLfile) Revised 28 Feb.2004
  15. Homebrew Remote PTT controler for 10GHz(10GHzトランスバータとIC910との接続,XMLfile)Revised 11 Mar.2004
  16. Homebrew Electric Detector for 10GHz(10GHz簡易電界強度目安計,XMLfile) Revised 2 Nov. 2002
  17. Study for Digital Voice, Graphics and Data using OFDM(デジタル音声,画像及びデータの研究,XMLfile) Revised 16 April 2007
  18. Homebrew Program for Frequency Monitor through GP-IB interface(周波数データ記録プログラムの製作,XMLfile) Revised 8 Nov. 2007
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