Amateur Radio Activities for Weak signal ex.WSJT,WSPR


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  1. Connection between an Ubuntu Computer and TS-590VG using USB for WSJT-X [Ubuntu計算機と無線機Kenwood TS-590VGとをUSB接続し,計算機応用系WSJT-Xと連動(備忘録)] Revised 16 November 2022
  2. Connection between an Ubuntu Computer and FT-991 without TRV using USB for WSJT-X [Ubuntu計算機と無線機Yaesu FT-991(トランスバータなし)とをUSB接続し,計算機応用系WSJT-X(FT8モード)との連動(備忘録)] Revised 16 November 2022
  3. Connection between a Computer and FT-991A using USB for WSJT-X [計算機と無線機Yaesu FT-991AとをUSB接続し,計算機応用系WSJT-Xと連動(備忘録)] Revised 12 September 2022
  4. Connection between a Computer and FT-991A using USB for JTDX [計算機と無線機Yaesu FT-991AとをUSB接続し,計算機応用系JTDXと連動(備忘録)] Revised 12 September 2022
  5. Tablet PC for Amateur Radio (アマチュア無線へのタブレットPCの応用例, XMLfile) Revised 17 January 2017
  6. GPS Clock Correction in a Computer (GPSによる計算機時刻の校正, XMLfile) Revised 11 July 2017
  7. Study on Quick GL Change in WSPRnet (WSPRnetへのGL変更の実験, XMLfile) Revised 14 November 2016
  8. Connection of SCU17 to FT-897D for QRS (QRS向けSCU-17とFT-897Dとの接続実験, XMLfile) Revised 29 June 2017
  9. Connection of SCU17 to FT-897D for WSJTX (WSJTX向けSCU-17とFT-897Dとの接続実験, XMLfile) Revised 04 June 2020
  10. OPERA Coding Test [OPERA符号化試験プログラムの開発,XMLfile] Revised 28 November 2015
  11. OPERA Decode Test [OPERA復号化試験プログラムの開発,XMLfile] Revised 30 November 2015
  12. WSPRnet Experiments [WSPRnet(微弱信号伝播報告者網)への実験参加,XMLfile] Revised 11 May 2015
  13. A Study of Reed-Solomon code in JT65 of WSJT (WSJTのJT65モードのリード・ソロモン符号の実験,XMLfile)Revised 11 March 2009
  14. Back to Amateur Radio Activities by RLL(RLLのアマチュア無線活動に戻る)
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