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Photograph of Filter for OIKeyer-F88

  1. Study on WSJT-X 2.4.0 rc1 under Ubuntu 20.04 LTS [UbuntuによるWSJT-X 2.4.0 rc1の実験(備忘録)] Revised 24 September 2022
  2. Connection between a Computer and FT-991A using USB for MMvari [計算機と無線機Yaesu FT-991AとをUSB接続し,計算機応用系MMvariと連動(備忘録),XML file] Revised 12 September 2022
  3. Connection between a Computer and FT-991A using USB for JTDX [計算機と無線機Yaesu FT-991AとをUSB接続し,計算機応用系JTDXと連動(備忘録,XML file)] Revised 12 September 2022
  4. Connection between a Computer and FT-991A using USB for Ctestwin [計算機と無線機Yaesu FT-991AとをUSB接続し,計算機応用系Ctestwinと連動(備忘録),XML file] Revised 12 September 2022
  5. Collaboration of Ctestwin and Yaesu FT897D under Windows 10(64) Home [Windows 10(64) Home搭載計算機配下での応用系CtestwinとYaesu FT897Dとの連動(備忘録), XML file] Revised 11 January 2019
  6. 7MHz Small Loop (Horizontal) Simulation by MMANA-GAL [水平に設置した7MHz小型ループアンテナのMMANA-GALによる疑似計算例,XML file] Revised 30 November 2017
  7. 7MHz Small Loop Simulation by MMANA-GAL(Vertical) [MMANA-GALによる7MHz小型ループアンテナの疑似計算例(垂直設置),XML file] Revised 25 November 2017
  8. Tablet PC for Amateur Radio [アマチュア無線へのタブレットPCの応用例,XML file] Revised 14 January 2019
  9. GPS Clock Correction in a Computer [GPSによる計算機時刻の校正,XML file] Revised 15 December 2016
  10. Connection of SCU-17 to FT-897D for Ctestwin (Ctestwin向けSCU-17とFT-897Dとの接続実験, XMLfile) Revised 12 January 2018
  11. Connection of SCU-17 to FT-897D for QRS (QRS向けSCU-17とFT-897Dとの接続実験, XMLfile) Revised 12 January 2019
  12. Connection of SCU-17 to FT-897D for MMvari (MMvari向けSCU-17とFT-897Dとの接続実験, XMLfile) Revised 12 January 2019
  13. Connection of SCU-17 to FT-897D for WSJTX (WSJTX向けSCU-17とFT-897Dとの接続実験, XMLfile) Revised 12 January 2019
  14. Connection of SCU17 to FT-897D for MixW3 (MixW3向けSCU-17とFT-897Dとの接続実験, XMLfile) Revised 12 January 2019
  15. Study on 7MHz Small Loop Antenna in Horizontally Installed (水平設置の7MHz小型ループアンテナの実験, XMLfile) Revised 10 December 2017
  16. Study on 7MHz Small Loop Antenna in Vertical Installation (7MHz小ループアンテナの実験(垂直設置), XMLfile) Revised 13 March 2017
  17. Home Usage of HF/50MHz Mobile_Whip (HF/50MHz自動車用アンテナをベランダで使用する一方法, XMLfile) Revised 11 January 2018
  18. Optical Fiber Link between a radio receiver and a computer(計算機と無線機との間を光繊維線による接続の実験, XMLfile)Revised 28 August 2014
  19. Modification of OIKey-F88 Keyer for 136kHz band(OIKey-F88の136kHz帯への利用例, XMLfile)Revised 16 October 2015
  20. Homebew Headset Adapter(ヘッドセット附加装置の製作,XMLfile)Revised 22 August 2008
  21. Consolidation of Audio Interface and CW_keying Interface for WSPR, WSJT, CW, PSK31, RTTY, QRSS and SSTV (音声回路とCW送出との統合,XMLfile)Revised 23 November 2009
  22. Repair of Homebrew Antenna Tuner(自作アンテナチューナの修理,XMLfile)Revised 24 December 2008
  23. Installation of Hi-Q3/80RT(Hi-Q 3/80RTアンテナの設置,XMLfile)Revised 3 July 2009
  24. A Homebrew Controller for AH-3 Antenna Tuner(アンテナチューナAH-3制御器の自作,XMLfile)Revised 10 Mar. 2008
  25. Connection of Linear Amplifier SB220 and Tranceiver FT897D (Heathkit SB220とFT897Dとの接続,XMLfile)Revised 4 May 2012
  26. Homebrew HF Antenna Switch(短波帯アンテナ切り替え器の製作,XMLfile) Revised 18 Apr. 2004
  27. Homebrew 21MHz Kondonian Antenna(自家製21MHz ふきん掛けアンテナ) Revised 19 Dec. 2016
  28. Additional Battery for Vehicle[車載無線機のための電源供給方法(Version 4.0.0)] Revised 03 December 2012
  29. Interface Circuit for SSTV(一般無線機での静止画伝送のための界面回路)Revised 10 Aug 2014
  30. Integration of CAT and Interface Circuit for SSTV,WSJT,PSK31 and CW (FT-100又はFT897での静止画伝送,WSJT,PSK31及びCWのための界面回路とCATとの統合)Revised 10 Aug 2014
  31. A Solution for Eliminating TVI(私設無線局の電波障害解決の例) Revised 10 Aug. 2014
  32. Homebrew F2-Keyer(自家製F2-keyer,非常通信用具) Revised 10 Aug. 2014
  33. Homebrew Sweep Generator(自家製掃引発振器,XMLfile) Revised 18 Apr. 2004
  34. Repair of Historical key(縦振り電鍵の補修,XMLfile) Revised 18 Apr. 2004
  35. Back to Amateur Radio Activities by RLL(RLLのアマチュア無線活動に戻る)
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