LF/MF Activities by RLL


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  1. 472kHz QRSS/DFCW_Grabber for Medium Frequency [472kHz(MF,630m) 中波帯向けQRSS/DFCW_ グラバ試行,html(映像:2分毎の自動更新)] Revised 19 July 2017
  2. 136kHz QRSS/DFCW_Grabber for Low Frequency [136kHz(LF,2200m) 長波帯向けQRSS/DFCW_ グラバ試行,html(映像:2分毎の自動更新)] Revised 19 July 2017
  3. 136kHz CW_Grabber for Low Frequency [136kHz(LF,2200m) 長波帯向けCW_ グラバ試行,html(映像:1分毎の自動更新)] Revised 02 November 2018
  4. Grabbers Startup batch operation in 7L1RLL[QRSS/DFCW/WSJT/OPERAグラバ群の半自動起動] Revised 22 Jannuary 2019
  5. QRSS/DFCW/CW_Grabber for both Low and Medium Frequency for backward compatibility[136kHz(LF,2200m) 長波帯及び472kHz(MF,630m)中波帯向けQRSS/DFCW/CW_ グラバ試行,html(映像:2分毎の自動更新)(互換性確保のための臨時処置)] Revised 02 November 2018
  6. 136kHz-476kHz Automatic Antenna Tuner [長中波帯の自動同調整合器付アンテナチューナ,XMLfile] Revised 01 February 2019
  7. Configuration of The QRSS/DFCW_Grabber for Low/Medium Frequency [136kHz(LF,2200m)/475kHz(MF,630m) 長波・中波帯向けQRSS/DFCW_ グラバの構成,xml] Revised 22 January 2019
  8. An External Link for JA Grabbers Link by JP1ODJ [JP1ODJ日本国内のグラバリンク(外部リンク),html file] Revised 25 August 2017
  9. An External Link for JH1ARY's Grabber [JH1ARYグラバ(外部リンク),html file] Revised 09 April 2016
  10. Tablet PC for Amateur Radio [アマチュア無線へのタブレットPCの応用例,XML file] Revised 17 January 2017
  11. Connection USB_Interface_Unit(SCU-17) and FT-897D for QRS [QRS向けSCU17を使ってFT897Dとの接続,XML file] Revised 29 Jane 2017
  12. GPS Clock Correction in a Computer [GPSによる計算機時刻の校正,XML file] Revised 11 July 2017
  13. GPS GMS6-CR6 for JUMA TX500 [GMS6-CR6を使ったGPS付加装置の自作,XML file] Revised 18 November 2016
  14. Study on Quick GL Change in WSPRnet (WSPRnetへのGL変更の実験, XMLfile) Revised 14 November 2016
  15. A Study of Small Loop Antenna for 476kHz[476kHzバンドのスモールループアンテナの実験,XMLfile] Revised 08 October 2016
  16. The LF/MF Permitted Locations in Japan[日本国で476kHzバンドに運用許可が得られ易い場所,XMLfile] Revised 11 August 2018
  17. The LF/MF Club of Japan[全日本長中波倶楽部(旧:全日本2200m倶楽部),XMLfile] Revised 02 September 2018
  18. Opera_Coding_Test [OPERA符号化試験プログラムの開発,XML file] Revised 29 November 2015
  19. Opera_Decode_Test [OPERA復号試験プログラムの開発,XML file] Revised 30 November 2015
  20. 475kHz Study on Variation of Earth Resistance to EIRP [475kHz 接地抵抗のEIRP計算に及ぼす影響の実験,XML file] Revised 02 November 2017
  21. 475kHz EIRP_Calc_Excel [475kHz EIRP計算の実験,XML file] Revised 02 November 2017
  22. 472kHz Experiment on 100m Class Earth [472kHz 100m級ワイヤアースの実験,XML file] Revised 04 July 2015
  23. 472kHz JUMA TX500 Firmware Updation to V1.0.7J [472kHz JUMA TX500送信機のファームウエアV1.0.7Jへの更新実験,XML file] Revised 18 September 2015
  24. 472kHz JUMA TX500 Modification for getting License [472kHz JUMA TX500送信機の免許取得のための改造実験,XML file] Revised 04 July 2015
  25. 472kHz OSO Transmitter Modification [472kHz OSO送信機改造,XML file] Revised 04 July 2015
  26. Result of The Active Antenna Contest held on 20 April 2014 [アクティブアンテナコンテスト結果,pdf file] Revised 03 May 2014
  27. Optical Fiber Link for LF/MF band[“136kHz帯/472kHz帯のための光繊維利用による屋内雑音低減の試み”,XMLfile] Revised 31 August 2014
  28. MMANA-GAL Simulation of 476kHz Umbrella Antenna with Guadrail at a River side [472kHz帯の河川ガードレール接地の傘型アンテナの疑似計算,MMANA-GAL), XMLfile] Revised 22 November 2017
  29. MMANA-GAL Simulation of 136kHz Umbrella Antenna with Guadrail at a River side [136kHz帯の河川ガードレール接地の傘型アンテナの疑似計算,MMANA-GAL), XMLfile] Revised 22 November 2017
  30. Simulation of 136kHz Umbrella Antenna with Guadrail at a River side [136kHz帯の河川ガードレール接地の傘型アンテナの疑似計算,MMANA), XMLfile] Revised 16 November 2017
  31. Simulation of 472kHz Umbrella Antenna with Guadrail at a River side [476kHz帯の河川ガードレール接地の傘型アンテナの疑似計算,MMANA), XMLfile] Revised 14 November 2017
  32. Small Ground Plane Antenna for 136kHz band[136kHz/476kHz帯のガードレール接地の実験,MMANA), XMLfile] Revised 11 November 2016
  33. 136kHz/476kHz/1.8MHz WSJT-X Experiment[136kHz/476kHz/1.8MHz WSJT-Xの実験,XMLfile] Revised 18 November 2012
  34. 136kHz 100 Meter Class Umbrella Type Antenna[136kHz 100メートル級傘形アンテナ実験,XMLfile] Revised 3 October 2012
  35. 136kHz QSO Method for QRSS/DFCW[136kHz QRSS/DFCW交信手順,XMLfile] Revised 12 October 2012
  36. 136kHz Common Mode Filter[136kHz 同相阻止フィルタ,XMLfile] Revised 21 October 2012
  37. 136kHz/476kHz Earth Current Meter (Analog)[136kHz/476kHzの接地/アンテナ電流計(アナログ)の製作,XMLfile] Revised 22 December 2017
  38. 136kHz DFCW, QRSS and Opera Interface for TX2200A [136kHz DFCW,QRSS,Opera送信界面回路例(Thamway TX2200A向け),XMLfile] Revised 07 June 2012
  39. 136kHz Coil Adjuster (Vari-o-meter) [136kHz(上下)水門式コイル調整機構の実験,XMLfile] Revised 31 August 2011
  40. 136kHz Slow-Hell Editor [136kHz Slow-Hell編集系の製作,XMLfile] Revised 24 August 2011
  41. 136kHz Slow-Hell Transmitter [136kHz Slow-Hell送信機の製作,XMLfile] Revised 24 August 2011
  42. QRSS/DFCW/OPERA_Beacon_Keyer for Low/Medium Frequency [136kHz(2200m)&476kHz(630m) 長波・中波帯向けQRSS/DFCW/OPERAビーコンキーヤの製作,XMLfile] Revised 3 January 2016
  43. Experiments on 475kHz(630m) Medium Frequency [475kHz(630m) 中波帯の実験,XMLfile] Revised 11 May 2015
  44. Experiments on 135kHz,136kHz and 137kHz Low Frequency [135kHz,136kHz及び137kHz 長波帯の実験,XMLfile] Revised 11 July 2010
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